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Leadership of Maui County Council committees announced

Leadership roles for five of the Maui County Council standing committees will remain unchanged in the upcoming term, Councilmember Mike White announced today.

Stacy Crivello will continue to chair the Housing, Human Services, and Transportation Committee, Elle Cochran will chair the Infrastructure and Environmental Management Committee, and Don Guzman will chair the Economic Development, Energy, Agriculture, and Recreation Committee. Both Don Couch and Robert Carroll have also committed to remain as chair of the Planning Committee and chair of the Land Use Committee, respectively, due to the progress and leadership shown during the past term.

New changes include the Budget and Finance Committee being led by Riki Hokama. Michael Victorino has agreed to chair the Policy and Intergovernmental Affairs Committee and a new Committee of the Whole will be established to focus on litigation matters and headed by Don Guzman.

“Although our economy continues to rebound, we still face many fiscal challenges that we must tackle here at home, and at the state and federal levels. The Council must work strategically to ensure a strong financial future for our County,” said Councilmember Riki Hokama.

Gladys Baisa has agreed to chair the Water Resources Committee. “I am pleased that Gladys has accepted leadership of the Water Committee. She has had the desire for many years to take on this issue and has the vision and knowhow to tackle many of our longstanding water issues,” said White.

As previously announced, Mike White has the support to chair the Maui County Council and Don Guzman will serve as vice-chair during the 2015-2017 Council term starting January 2.

“My intent is to have continuity on the Council, with every member taking on leadership roles to allow for pending issues to be thoroughly addressed, while focusing on the needs of our Maui County residents,” said White.

With the majority of committee chairmanships remaining the same, members are expected to hit the ground running, with committee meetings beginning in January.

“We are committed to working together as a Council, with the administration, and most importantly, our community, to identify our most pressing issues, and move forward with solutions. I know we are all eager to get to work,” said Councilmember Don Guzman.

According to White, making progress on issues facing our community is a top priority for the upcoming term and the organizational structure represents this focus.

“Collaboration and cooperation among members and the administration will be the key to our success,” said White. “Don Guzman and I have already started this process by meeting with the mayor, managing director and chief of staff. We know we can put our differences aside and agree on what is most important, serving our residents,” he said.

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