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Maui Memorial Medical Center CEO Wesley Lo gives comments following the Governors announcement (April 2015)

EDITORIAL: Politics prevail over Health at the Capitol

Governor Ige has just announced that he has requested that bill HB1075, which would allow partnership to infuse money and resources into Maui’s healthcare system, be sent to conference instead of being voted on – and possibly passed – today.

This delay will inevitably force what could be very large cuts to services and staff, eliminating critical medical services and many jobs from Maui County.

A conference committee on this matter will give political power unions HGEA and others, an opportunity to slice and dice the bill to shreds.

It is up to you – our Maui residents – to voice your concern for your family and friends and those who will be hurt most by this delay!

To quote a wise man from the Old Testament, “Let my people go!”
The time to act is NOW.

In other news, Governor Ige is set to sign a bill into law that designates the ōpe‘ape‘a or Hawaiian hoary bat as the official state land mammal. Thanks Gov. We really needed that one.

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