Photo: NWS Honolulu

2015 Hurricane Season At-a-Glance

The 2015 Hurricane Season currently holds the record for the busiest season in the Central North Pacific basin! This info-graphic, put together by Senior Service Hydrologist and Central Pacific Hurricane Center forecaster, Kevin Kodama, shows just how busy the basin has been and how lucky Hawaii has been thus far. This is a reminder that everyone needs to take each and every hurricane season seriously. Remember, don’t let your guard down; any island can be hit, we have just been very lucky this year. In the words of NWS Science and Operations Officer, Robert Ballard, It’s not “if”, it’s “when”.

This mosaic consist of infrared images from NOAA’s GOES and JMA’s MTSAT geostationary satellites. These images were pulled from the Naval Research Lab’s online archive. For each of the 15 tropical cyclones this season, a daily image was extracted from the period when the cyclone was active in the Central North Pacific basin. Although there are some mismatched grids, especially in the northwest corner, the positions are generally good.

The main point is.. folks in the Hawaiian Islands were extremely lucky this hurricane season, and the season isn’t over yet.

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