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POLL: Should we build a H4 Highway to/from West Maui?

The last few weeks or even months for that matter, residents and visitors alike have all been caught in the horrific traffic on Honoapi’ilani Highway. Held hostage to just one major artery to access West Maui, emerging situations such as major accidents, brush fires, and even just whale season will snarl up traffic for miles. A discussion in our private Facebook Group- MAUIWatch Prime asked the question to which we received an overwhelming response:

With all the recent traffic hang-ups plaguing access to/from the West Side, would you support similar funding measures like what they did for Honolulu Rail to pay for paving an alternate route- perhaps right thru the West Maui Mountains like the H3?

The H3 is Hawaii’s third highway that is part of the federal interstate system that once completed was the most expensive in U.S. History, costing $100 million per mile.
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