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Two MPD Retirees Sworn in as Reserve Police Officers

On Friday, two recently retired Maui Police Department Officers were sworn in as the newest Reserve Police Officers. The program now has a total of four officers.

MPD created a Reserve Officer Program last year as an opportunity for officers who retired from the police department in good standing to continue their service as part-time volunteer officers. The program also was intended to supplement the current shortage of police officers in the department by having Reserve Officers fill-in areas of need, especially in specialized services.

Reserve Officers keep all their previous certifications and the department will continue to maintain those certifications as well as provide recurrent training. The officers will have all the same enforcement responsibilities and authority as current officers.

Tod Wong retired as a Police Sergeant at the end of last year with 29 years of service. As part of his duties he will continue to oversee the department’s bicycle patrol program, which was his role before he retired.

Samuel Gasmen retired as a Police Sergeant at the end of last year with 28 years of service. He will continue his work as a member of the department’s Cyber-crime Unit.

The other two current reserve officers were Firearms Instructors before retiring and are currently volunteering as firearms instructors for the Training Section and the Records Section.

As the department is also looking into accepting lateral transfers from mainland law enforcement agencies, the Reserve Officers will be assigned to assist as instructors to train these transfers.



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