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Death doula accused of coaching a Maui woman out of her estate and assets

The children of Fay Block are taking self-proclaimed death doula Heather Parsons to court.

Attorney Lyle Hosoda filed a civil lawsuit today on behalf of Block’s son and daughter. He told KITV he hopes to recover the money they lost when Block allegedly gave Parsons the estate before she passed away.

“To me that’s just wrong,” Hosoda said.

The court documents say in 2016 Block executed a will which would give one family member her Kihei condo and another her Kihei house. In January 2017, the court documents say she met Heather Parsons.

“All of a sudden she meets this person and in three months, the entire estate goes to the death doula instead of the family.” Hosoda said.

The complaint alleges Parsons befriended Block, then persuaded her to change her estate planning documents, naming Parsons and her husband the beneficiaries. Hosoda said then Parsons brought Block into hospice care where she was allegedly starved, dehydrated and drugged until she died. 

Hosoda said Block had suffered from chronic foot pain in the past but was not terminally ill. She was only 57. 

“I think this was a really bad and sick play on a death midwife,” he said.

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