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It’s a bummer we had to wait this long to get the best action film of the year, but have no fear as Netflix has delivered their next big $150 million action spectacle. “6 Underground” stars Ryan Reynolds and directed by Michael Bay, the action filmmaking god himself. Bay’s action sequences is as ambitious and insane as anything he’s ever done. The visual spectacle of it will be comprised as “6 Underground” is like most of his filmography, a film that deserves a big screen experience. If your a fan of Bayhem, or just love creative and irreverent ways to watch unrelenting action sequences, then “6 Underground” needs to be in your Netflix queue. Just make sure you have the proper home entertainment system setup. 

The power of Netflix has called on yet another of Hollywood’s biggest filmmakers and movie stars, action maestro himself Michael Bay and one of the most charismatic actors around Ryan Reynolds. 

Thanks to Netflix’s contract clause of giving filmmakers free reign, Michael Bay made sure he lived up to that offer. Not only was he given free reign but he was given $150 million to play with and he made sure he used every penny. His newest film “6 Underground”, that is now streaming on Netflix is if you haven’t heard by now, the most Michael Bay film that Michael Bay has ever been. It’s pure Bayhem…

Guns. Ferraris. Parkour. Headshots. Guys being thrown out of crashing cars. Baddies being thrown over buildings. People getting impaled. Luxury yachts. Magnets. Hot girls. Explosions (lots of them). Gun fights. one liners galore. This is Michael Bay’s America and I salute it! It’s a bummer we had to wait this long to get the best action film of the year, but have no fear Michael Bay is the only one who can deliver on that promise. 

Bay has made a hell of a string of films in his career thus far, setting the tone early on as Hollywood’s leading action director. “Bad Boys” his directorial debut, moving on to films like “The Rock”, “Armageddon”, “Pearl Harbor”, “The Island”, “Pain and Gain” and “13 Hours”. Although most of his time was spent directing all five of the “Transformer” films, earning a total of $4.3 billion dollars; with two of the films in the series having grossed over $1 billion each.

With his years earned in Hollywood, Michael Bay’s style and approach has been clearly defined. The films of Michael Bay sits in the category of you are either “in” or “out”. Take his films for what it is, but Bay knows what is involved and required in a film that is pure popcorn entertainment, and his newest “6 Underground” is popcorn entertainment at it’s finest. 

To get my bias out of the way, I’m completely of the “in” category when it comes to Michael Bay films. I love his films and love his ability to choreograph inventive must see on the big screen action scenes. I absolutely love the sheer magnitude of his beautifully choreographed sequences and the carnage he brings to the screen and I appreciate those efforts justly. 

Ryan Reynolds leads the pack as “One”, a billionaire inventor who starts a Black Ops club when he sees bad people doing bad things around the world. His catch is that his team members need to “die” in order to conduct these covert ops, so as to have complete freedom to get the job done. Only going by numbers (their names are eventually revealed) One (Ryan Reynolds) leads a team of six agents. 

They’ve all faked their deaths to become ghosts, as required by One so they can be off the grid. Known as Two (Melanie Laurent) who is known as “The CIA Spook” and Three “The Hitman” (Manuel Garcia-Rulfo) both specialize in being trained assassins. Four (Ben Hardy), known as “The Skywalker” is the parkour guy. Five or known as “The Doctor” (Adria Arjona) is the medic and Six “The Driver” (Dave Franco) is well… 

the driver. Spoiler alert, not all six make it through the first mission so they recruit Seven (Corey Hawkins), an Afghanistan war veteran who becomes their sniper.

Reynold’s character is like if Deadpool were filtered through Elon Musk. This is the kind of role that Reynolds has mastered at in playing and I enjoyed him here. Reynolds could make a career of playing in a “Jack Ryan” style thriller franchise with Michael Bay at the helm. 

“6 Underground” belongs to the cinema school of “if you keep things moving fast enough, nobody will stop to question it’s logic”. The movie explains how Reynolds earned his fortune, in something called “micro magnets,” which pays off in the films impressive climax set-piece involving a massive superconductor. 

The script by “Deadpool” writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick never reveals how he became such an efficient killer, or why he’d want to be. Setting up for future installments I suppose? Instead, the movie views the world as a bad place ruled by dictatorship and sees the “6 Underground” as the political answer to our prayers. Their mission is to take out a dictator named Rovach (Lior Raz), the top offender on One’s private list of the world’s 10 most wanted dictators, leaving the other nine for potential sequels, which after seeing “6 Underground” I’m hoping for more. 

Bay wants you to know what your getting into right off the bat, as he opens the film with a high-speed car chase fueled with crashing cars, cars splitting in half, baddies being launched out of cars, baddies being run over. All while one of the team members has a bullet-extraction surgery in the back seat. And this is just the films first 20 minutes right there. 

Just when you thought there was no more inventive ways of creating a car chase. Michael Bay proves why he is the master of action films and that there are new and creative ways to present a classic form of action on screen. It’s the best chase scene since the Jason Bourne series, although it is not shot in a Paul Greengrass Jason Bourne style. The car chase is epic and may set the expectations and bar too high within its first twenty minutes. While most of the middle bears more sporadic action, although there is an excellent sequence with steel beams. It all leads to an impressive final big action set piece that is as stunning as anything Bay has presented us throughout the film. 

“6 Underground” is Bay’s most excessively violent film, other than maybe “Pearl Harbor: Directors Cut” and “Bad Boys 2”. Netflix allows Bay to go full gonzo, and when he wants to go pure gonzo, he can go pure gonzo. “6 Underground” has been rated R but the MPAA probably wouldn’t have been as lenient were the film going into a wide release in theaters.

The action itself is probably closest to his criminally underrated “The Island” with Ewan McGregor. Bay is not afraid to turn up the action to 11. Bay will happily spend the studios money and spring for the best people he can get to help create the chaos of his insanely elaborate and inventive action sequences. Everything about “6 Underground” is at it’s highest production value, not just with it’s sound and fury; but even his shooting locations are truly breathtaking. 

The violence is unspeakably gruesome, and it’s constant. People get crushed with construction beams, thrown off buildings, and blown up with grenades. There are more headshots than a “Call of Duty” streaming match. Every explosion has sub-explosions. It was filmed on multiple continents, with every brand of luxury car getting destroyed and he still shoots women like a Victoria Secret commercial. Everything you want in a Michael Bay film is here. 

Bay has always been a director whose thirst for destructive spectacle is designed to be enjoyed on the largest screen possible, so for Michael Bay to make a movie that will mostly be consumed at home is a bummer. The visual spectacle of it will be comprised as “6 Underground” is like most of his filmography a film that deserves a big screen experience. 

If your a fan of Bayhem, or just love creative and irreverent ways to watch unrelenting action sequences that is as ambitious and insane as anything he’s ever made. Then “6 Underground” needs to be in your Netflix queue and whatever you do watch it on the biggest tv, home theater system and surround sound system that you can get. Just make sure you have the proper home entertainment system setup. 

No one specializes in wall-to-wall action quite like Michael Bay and “6 Undergound” is the biggest and best action film of the year. It’s a movie belonging solely to one unique filmmaker and another great addition to his impressive filmography. 

GRADE: ★★★★☆ (4 out of 5)



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