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Leadership Shake-Up at Maui County Council

IT’S OFFICIAL Kelly King (right) steps down as council chair. Alice Lee (left) is expected to assume that post. King made the announcement today at a press conference at the County Building. She said she will head a newly created committee on climate change with Shane Sinenci as vice-chair. Lee’s water committee chairmanship is proposed to go to Yuki Lei Sugimura (who may also retain her transportation committee chairmanship). All actions announced by King are anticipated to be confirmed at a special council meeting on 12/27. Rumors of the coming shakeup in council leadership circulated earlier this week and were officially confirmed this afternoon.



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Susan Halas is a Senior Political Contributor at MAUIWatch. She has followed Hawaii politics since 1976 when she moved to the Valley Isle. She was formerly a staff writer for the Maui News as well as other local print and digital publications.

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