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Lt. Gov. Green Proposes “Travel with Aloha” Program

As the state looks toward the eventual reopening of air travel to and around the state, Lt. Governor Josh Green proposed a program, he’s calling, “Travel with Aloha,” at this afternoon’s media briefing. He believes such a program will help the state mitigate the possible importation of coronavirus from traveling visitors and residents.

A key component of Green’s proposal is having visitors and returning residents voluntarily getting COVID-19 tests within 72-hours of their departure to the islands. People who decline to get tested would undergo additional testing and screening upon arrival at State airports.

Green said, “This could cut several hours from their vacation or return home and they could be required to undergo a possible 14-day mandatory quarantine.” He added, “It’s imperative we do everything we can to safeguard our state from importing coronavirus through travel while maintaining our community’s aloha for visitors.”



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