New Record Number Of Covid-19 Cases Reported Due To Testing Delays

The number of COVID-19 cases reported Wednesday have hit another single-day record, although the State had been anticipating the increase due to lab closures on Sunday and Monday after Hurricane Douglas. The case count for today stands at a total of 109; 98 on O‘ahu, nine (9) on Maui, and two (2) on Kaua‘i. A total of 5,160 tests were processed between yesterday and today. Normally, about 1,000-2,000 tests are processed each day.  

“The dramatic increase in cases reported today was anticipated based on recent trends since the Fourth of July weekend, which continue,” said State Health Director Dr. Bruce Anderson. “We are seeing an increase in small and large social gatherings, including gatherings on beaches and in our parks, at homes and in workplaces. We have also recently seen an increase in cases associated with bars, gyms other establishments where physical distancing and masking is not regularly practiced. Based on data collected on cases through our investigations and contact tracing, we are recommending that strategic actions be taken to further restrict activities associated with these cases,” said Anderson. Venues where multiple clusters have been identified, such as in bars and gyms, will obviously be targeted, said Anderson. 

Multiple household and other clusters have been associated with social interactions such as house parties, beach parties/gatherings, birthday parties, father’s day and 4th of July gatherings, religious functions, co-workers sitting in prolonged meetings while removing masks to eat or drink, shopping, funeral events, meeting for drinks and socializing at bars.  

“We’re seeing relaxed rules around our community and in businesses where people stop wearing masks and don’t practice physical distancing. We all have to take personal responsibility to protect ourselves as well as others. Masking and physical distancing not only protect us but also those who are most vulnerable to COVID-19. As we anticipate schools to re-open, our children are going to need to look to adults to set an example and we can’t let out guards down right now.”

Hawai‘i COVID-19 Counts as of 12:00 noon, July 29, 2020  

Island of Diagnosis   New Cases   Reported since   2/28/2020   (including new cases)   Total in hospitals  
O‘ahu   98   1516  36 
Hawai‘i   0   116  
Maui   161 
Kaua‘i   2   47  
Moloka‘i   0   2  
Lana‘i   0   0  
Residents Diagnosed outside HI   23      
Total Cases   109  1865++     
Total hospitalized        39  
Deaths   0   26      

++As a result of updated information, one case from O‘ahu was removed from the counts.  

Laboratory* Testing Data  

There were 5,160 additional COVID-19 tests reported via electronic laboratory reporting.  

Total Number of Individuals Tested   by Clinical and State Laboratories   Positive   Negative  
119,212**   1,863  117,333 

*Electronic Laboratory Reporting  **16 test results were inconclusive  



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