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Missouri Man Arrested for Quarantine Violation, Contempt of Court

The Maui Police Department arrested a Missouri man for Rules and Orders pertaining to quarantine violation, and Contempt of Court.

Matthew Tittor, 42, was arrested at the Kahului Airport on Dec. 8.

Investigation reveals that at about 5:02 p.m. that day, Tittor arrived in Maui from Los Angeles. Upon arrival, he did not have a negative, pre-travel Covid-19 test, nor a required valid place of lodging for self-quarantine, as required under Governor Ige’s sixteenth emergency proclamation.  Further checks revealed Tittor had a Contempt of Court bench warrant.  

On Dec. 9, after being contacted by MPD Call Center Staff.  Tittor indicated he wanted to voluntarily return back to Los Angeles.  

Coordination with the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office and other assisting agencies were made, and Tittor will be voluntarily returning to the mainland later today.

Maui Police Department continues to work with other County, State and Community entities to ensure the Rules and Orders pertaining to the emergency proclamations are enforced.



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