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A-Ron’s Film Rewind Presents: “Thief” (1981) – The 40th Anniversary

Any new film from Michael Mann is a cause for celebration, whether it’s one of his masterpieces (“Heat”) or one that flies under the radar (“Manhunter”, “Public Enemies”). While he earns the term filmmaking god, just from directing one movie alone. His  magnum opus “Heat”, that saw screen legends Robert DeNiro and Al Pacino go head to head for the first …

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A-Ron’s Film Rewind Presents: “The Hard Way” (1991) – The 30th Anniversary

By 1991, the buddy cop and mis matched partner set-up had already taken off and had become a profitable, but a formula that was slowly fizzing out. Surely the most popular of them were 1987’s “Lethal Weapon”, that went on to spawn three sequels. Then there was “48 Hours”, “Running Scared”, “Tango & Cash”, “Midnight Run” and “The Last Boy …

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A-Ron’s Film Rewind Presents: “The Doors” (1991) – The 30th Anniversary

Together with pianist Ray Manzarek (who I got to meet in one of the best meet and greets I’ve ever experienced, but sadly not long before he passed) and Jim Morrison who both co-founded The Doors during the summer of 1965 in Venice, California. The band consisted of vocalist Jim Morrison, keyboardist Ray Manzarek, guitarist Robby Krieger and drummer John …

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A-Ron’s Film Rewind Presents: “Running Scared” (2006) – 15th Anniversary

I distinctly remember the moment I saw the poster for “Running Scared” hanging up in the lobby of my local movie theater back in 2005. My first and initial reaction was “This can’t be? Are they actually making a remake to ‘Running Scared’?”. Of course the “Running Scared” I’m referring to was the 1986 buddy cop comedy starring Billy Crystal …

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A-Ron’s Film Rewind Presents: “Ruby In Paradise” (1993)

Actress Ashley Judd recently made the news after suffering a horrific accident in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Judd who had shattered her leg out in the jungle, had broken it in four different places and suffered nerve damage. She was trapped in the jungle for five hours until someone found her and having to travel fifty five hours …

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A-Ron’s Film Rewind Presents: “9½ Weeks” – The 35th Anniversary

From the late 1960s, restrictions on sex, nudity and what couldn’t be shown on film were being significantly loosened. The most famous of them came in 1972, with Bernardo Bertolucci’s erotic drama “Last Tango In Paris”, with Marlon Brando. A film that the MPAA awarded an X rating, that later was reclassified as NC-17 and finally releasing an R rated …

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